Wednesday, 4 April 2012


The year seems to be flying by and it's Easter already (although the four-day weekend has not come soon enough for most of us!). It's a tricky time for those of us who usually avoid the naughty sweet treats, chocolate after chocolate after chocolate... We have put together a couple of "just-as-good" recipes to satisfy even the sweetest of tooth's and make you feel like your indulging without the guilt!

Simple Raw Chocolate Slab


1/2 cup of raw cocoa
3/4 cup raw coconut oil
1/2 cup cashew nuts
1/2 almonds
1 tbsp. honey

Place cashew nuts and almonds into your Bio Chef Blender and set to high for 30 seconds until powder like consistency.

Add all remaining ingredients and blend for a further 30 seconds until mixed through. Pour mixture into molds and freeze for 4 hours. Keep refrigerated.

Cacao Truffles 

1/2 cup cacao (preferably powdered)
6 Dried Apricots
1/2 cup of dried strawberries
2 tbsp. melted coconut oil
2 tsp. agave nectar
1/2 fresh vanilla bean

Add ingredients to your Bio Chef Blender, except reserve half of the coconut oil. Turn on your Bio Chef Blender on low setting and slowly add remaining coconut oil. Blend until smooth and fairly pliable texture.

Simply roll into small balls and refrigerate.

TIP: Add what ever dried fruit you prefer e.g raspberries, banana etc.

Also, add nuts for chunkier texture e.g. cashew nuts or macadamia.

Also, roll in coconut or extra cacao for extra texture and decoration.


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